What muscle building supplement to choose? – Letter to the Editor

What muscle building supplement to choose? – Letter to the Editor



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Dear Editor, your website is full of articles about weight loss. And what should I do if I don’t want to lose weight, but gain weight instead????? Is it a losing battle, because I am skinny and the weight problem doesn’t concern me???? At the very beginning, I’d like to say that I have tried various types of exercise, going on a diet, etc., but nothing of that sort enabled me to achieve the expected results. Being on one of those diets, I even lost weight, and that was not what I wanted after all!!!! I’ve already considered taking some capsules, but I have no idea what muscle building supplement I should pick… could you please advise me somehow?



Dear Kuba, You’re right, our portal is mostly addressed to those who are interested in losing weight, and thus we are very happy that you decided to write to us.

Firstly, there are several reasons why it is difficult for men to put on weight – inadequately balanced diet, health problems or a specific type of build. You’ve written that you are a skinny person, so we assume that you’ve got an ectomorph body type. These are men with skinny build who therefore find it most difficult to gain weight, but don’t give up! You only need to stick to several rules we’ll give you.

Remember to have a balanced diet which will be rich in carbohydrates and proteins as well as nutrients contained in fruit and vegetables. It is worth consulting a dietician in this respect, who, on the basis of your individual predispositions and preferences, will offer you a set of products which you should pay particular attention to.

Do not forget about physical activity. It is necessary to adjust the type of exercise to stimulate a given part of muscles to the maximum. Moreover, technique is also very important. You will attain better results taking on lower weight, but performing a given exercise properly. And do not forget to warm up. That will help you avoid serious injuries.

You’ve asked us what muscle building supplement to choose. As you probably know, there is really a lot on offer, but before you chose any of them, check the composition of the capsules in detail. We would recommend Men Solution. That supplement is based on L-arginine, which is an amino acid naturally produced in human body. Not only does this substance build up muscle tissue, but it also burns fat from your body.

We wish you good luck!


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